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Dating Mistakes:

When using a dating service, one of the first mistakes people make is using an out dated picture. Please use a fairly recent one, within the last year, or take a new one. While it's true that looks are important, remember you do not need to look like a super model or a movie star to get a date. It will be disappointing to a first date if they realize the picture you gave them is ten years old. They will feel that you were out to deceive them So, please use a recent picture. An honest upfront profile and a realistic picture proves you are serious and not playing games. A picture with a pet or a funny picture can help break the ice.

Another mistake is not wearing clean presentable clothing and or employing good grooming habits. If the timing is off or you don't have enough time to get ready, wash up or change, if necessary, then reschedule the date, rather than risk a lousy first impression.

Also don't try too hard. It's okay if there's a bit of a lag in conversation. You can always bring up the coffee, weather, or something on the news. Don't strongly express your political views or controversial topics. Make sure you have enough cash to cover any small purchases. It can be very embarrassing to realize on your first date that you are going dutch and have no cash. It's awkward, so always be prepared to pay for yourself and for your date.

Being honest and upfront is the best way to avoid dating mistakes. Make sure your profile and photograph are up to date..

Another common mistake is giving out too much information on a first date. Your occupation, where you went to school, and the activities you enjoy in your spare time are all good introductory topics of conversation.

A big dating no no is complaining about your last relationship. Early on, your date will not want to hear all the mistakes your ex made and how much you hate him or her. It's okay to mention children, but don't go into great detail about them early on. Showing a photograph of you with your child is nice, but don't go on and on about their allergies, asthma attacks, substance abuse or nervous stomachs. There's plenty of time to delve into that.

Everyone is plugged today and wired to stay connected, but keep your cell phone on vibrate, or leave it in the car. It is extremely rude to take phone calls when you are with someone else. This is time cut out of one's life to spend with each other and to see if you have anything in common. Unless a close relative is bleeding or otherwise in the emergency room, the call can wait. We survived twenty years ago without cell phones.

Please do not be rude to waiters or waitresses or other customers. Nothing leaves a sour note worse than that. It conveys the type of person you really are. No one wants to be with someone who is rude to people, even if they are giving you substandard service.

The final dating mistake if you you really don't hit it off, don't say you'll call. You can end it by simply saying it was nice to meeting you. Resist the urge to say "I'll call you" if you really don't plan to. It's not nice and encourages false hope.

Most of all, make sure you enjoy yourself. If you are not meant to be with this person, at least you can enjoy a few laughs and some nice conversation.



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