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Dating Safety:

It is relatively easy to stay safe when it comes to dating. This is what we recommend:

1. Never disclose your phone number or personal address in your profile. Most dating websites will not allow it, but even if they do avoid doing this. You do not need a completely drunk stranger knocking on your door at 3 am.

2. Do not disclose your address to someone via email or instant chat prior to meeting them for the reasons above.

3.  Meet someone in a public and well lit location. This is especially true if you are a female. While most men mean you no harm there are some bad apples out there. Your first meeting should be somewhere that you are comfortable with. If you end up liking that person then you can schedule future meetings elsewhere.

4. Once you are comfortable with someone and only then should you meet them at your house or their house.

5. If something feels wrong about the situation or if your gut is tellng you to back out then do not ignore those feelings.

6. You can ask a friend to call in and check up on you on a date. If you want out you have an excellent excuse to leave for an 'emergency'.



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